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at a shallow fac layer, 1200 feet deep. here is a look at the temperatures. 72 in oakland, 76 in san jose. 87 in gilroy. the highs today, mid to upper 60s at the coast. livermore, you hit 90 degrees. feeling like summer again. patchy low clouds, sunny, 82 in santa rosa. 86 in livermore. up close and personal with the fog from the south beach camera. you will see patchy fog overnight tonight. cooler. mild to warm weather. wait for this weekend. the cloud pattern showing you a coast aal eddie that pulled awa clouds from the beaches. it's been a nice, sunny afternoon. the biggest change in the north bay. santa rosa, today you are in the low 80s. a big jump in temperatures. tomorrow, we are expecting the morning fog lingering into the afternoon. a cooler sea breeze. temperatures will fall a little bit for your friday afternoon. the morning starts out with mid-50s to low 60s. as you head off the work, patches of fog out there. nothing too crazy. temperatures will be comfortable as you take the kids off to school. for the afternoon, 67 in san francisco. 65 in half-moon bay. fog longering. 76 degree
. it happened overnight in oakland. it flushed out more than 30 people from their apartment. ten units of this apartment building were damaged and at least two businesses. the flames broke out in one building and then spread through a shared attic to an adjoining building. thankfully, no one was hurt and the red cross is helping everyone find temporary housing. >>> in the south bay what began as a dispute over money escalated to a case of elder abuse. morganhill police say shaun muni is accused of assaulting his 85-year-old roommate. investigators say the older man accused him of stealing his money to buy drugs. mooney responded by hitting him or shoving him to the ground. the elderly victim is hospitalized with injuries. >>> could a wrinkle treatment help battle stomach cancer? some researchers in norway believe so. they found botox injections in mice have stopped tumors from growing. botox may also be useful in other cancers, as well. it is yet to be tested on humans. scientists say there's still a long way to go before this could be considered a viable treatment. >>> if you can't fi
jose. san bruno 71. san francisco 68 degrees. clouds return after midnight, 60 for oakland overnight, 60 for concord and 61 for san jose. here's the story for tomorrow. if anything, temperatures will take a step back before they take two or three steps forward. what's going to happen is an area of low pressure is going to pass by to the north up in the pacific northwest. we will not tap into the rainfall. but we will tap into a stronger onshore flow. so for tomorrow, temperatures will remain near or below average. but then we'll start to see a warmup coming up over the weekend. and once that happens, we'll really jack the temperatures up above normal by the middle of next week. so low clouds moving inland again tonight. it will be a cloudy start to your friday. temperatures will dip a little bit tomorrow compared to today but the weekend is looking great to get outside. and it will be a little warmer especially coming up on sunday. your high temperatures tomorrow, still the mid- to upper 60s for san francisco with some afternoon sunshine. santa rosa another nice day for you high of 8
in albuquerque. >> pam: in oakland, more than 30 people are witout a home. after a late night fire forces them to race out of their units. >> pam: it happened at an apartment complex right above several stores on 23rd and international boulevard. >> pam: kron 4's will tran has more. >> reporter: see that woman there she is the owner of one of the businesses that were destroyed. the fire started around 9:00 last night. they concede the flames and smoke from miles away. and really calling for a back up day arrived the five fighters with to the rooftop to be really punch holes in the cities to make sure it was ventilated. also extended letters to shoot water down to the building. >> quickly spreading because there were no spot. the last day rest of the building it was like a box. >> reporter: never had a dispatcher sent of course, you better go at that moment and that it was a big deal. >> reporter: no injuries. and one died. incredible because there were no smoke alarms. >> reporter: sally for pets did die in this fire. >> pam: coming up at 5:15. turf trouble. why all the grass at the new 49ers
mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> investigators in oakland are looking into whether fireworks caused a fire that left 33 people homeless. you can see from the roof of the -- flames from the roof of the apartment building last night. the fire spread from one building to the building next door. fortunately all of the people inside got out safely. witnesses say they heard two loud explosion before the fire started. >> we went to check it out and it was a lot of flames in the back. and they just spread quickly. >> fire crews say there were unexplode fireworks found where the fire began -- unexploded fireworks where the fire began. at 6:00 p.m. we will talk to the people effected by the fire and how they are dealing dealing with the loss. >>> two people are recovering after a robbery and kidnapping in contra costa county. it started around 8:00 p.m. last mouth outside the martinez city limits. two men were driving away from an unidentified business when a man armed with a gun jumped in to the car and told them to drive. the gunman made both men give up their wallets. the gunman told the d
. mainly sunny inland. 60 degrees in san francisco. 73 oakland. 75 san jose. 93 in gilroy. 64 at half-moon bay. here is another view. we have current temperature readings of 82 in santa rosa. 86, 87 in fairfield. 89 in livermore. as you look at the golden gate, you can see it's mainly sunny there. a few clouds lurking in the background. patchy fog near the coast this evening. mix of sun and low clouds early morning. lingering fog near the coast. slightly cooler at the coast. low 60s at the coast tomorrow. we'll see low to mid-80s inland. we'll look ahead to the weekend in a minute. >>> still ahead, another assault on a business. this time an ice cream parlor caught on video. >>> the great lengths a man went to during a downpour. >>> another ice bucket challenge goes wrong. this time at a college. it's pretty alarming. >> taking live look at your traffic on this thursday. we are looking at 101 on the right hand side is your traffic toward san francisco. 101 south left hand side. traffic going north, out of san rafael, more traffic that direction, but still moving either way. save you f
out of their homes in oakland. take a look at this video. flames at times were towering over this multistory building. the fire on international boulevard at 23rd avenue burned for nearly two hours last night. it eventually spread to another building. both structures had a combination of homes and businesses. firefighters say the fire started outside the building. >> the apartment goes all the way to the back. and there was some sort of explosion. i heard it. it sounded like a car crash in front. he actually jumped. >> no one was hurt. >>> we will not forget what happened and people will be held accountable one way or the other. >> u.s. attorney general eric holder speaking today about the killing of american journalist james foley. according to the gobalpost, the online news company foley worked for captors originally demanded a ransom of over $132 million for his release. the pentagon says u.s. special forces tried to rescue foley in a failed raid earlier this summer. craig boswell has the latest now from washington. >> reporter: earlier this summer, president obama authori
started in four different locations in oakland. demonstrators marched towards police headquarters but were stopped short of line of a officers. >> we are praying for them. we are encouraging them to fight until the end even though you go into the justice system. >> overall police made no arrests for issued any citations and there were no disturbances overnight. a pro test called national day of rage is schedule for this afternoon in oakland and san francisco. >>> an american doctor who contracted ebola expressed his gratitude as he left an atlanta hospital today. we have the amazing story on how he recovered and is now spending time with family. >> reporter: almost three weeks ago kent brantly arrived as the first known ebola patient to be treated on u.s. soil. he thanked the doctors who declared him clear of the virus. >> today is a miraculous day. i am thrilled to be alive, to be well and to be reunited with my family. >> reporter: he became ill while working with samaritan's purse in liberia. writebol has also been released but asked for prove sis. the decision to bring the two home had
in at 66 and oakland is 70 and san carlos is 78 and half moon bay is at 63. we will take you to san jose where blue as far as the eye can see, wall to wall sunshine and a great afternoon. santa rosa is 63, and napa is 66 and fairfield is 73. concord is 73 and livermore is checking in with a temperature of 72. a look at the golden gate bridge and we will show you we can see the tops of the bridge today with the clouds retreating and that will be the big forecast feature today. warmer temperatures this afternoon as the sunshines in full effect and a seasonal pattern on way for the weekend. an area of low pressure to the south of los angeles pushing to the east so for the bay area forecast our wind now is coming off the land and that is a dry wind and it will help to russia ring our marine layer and continue to pump the clouds into the pack. winds yesterday were active afternoon the pacific but winds right now are generally light and now they are switching to the eat off the land so that is why we see more sunshine early on and less cloud cover across the bay area. highs today are 86 in los
are looking into what triggered a destructive overnight fire in oakland. it broke out late last night, outside of a two-story complex near 23rd street and international boulevard. when crews got there, they encountered massive orange flames and heavy black smoke, pouring out of a doorway. witnesses say they heard a couple of bangs and a pop. some thought it was firecrackers, others feared it could be gunshots, but then came smoke, flames, and chaos. >> ladies were screaming and stuff. so, yeah. and i was very nervous, trying to find my husband and my dog, that i couldn't see around me or hear around me. i was just focusing on finding him and my dog. >> i left my wallet and my keys and all my money. i was just nervous. i didn't think of that at the moment. >> very unsettling. the fire damaged ten units, including at least two businesses. the red cross is helping about three dozen people forced out of their homes by fire. >>> police in martinez are looking for a gunman who jumped into the backseat of a car and robbed the two men inside. it happened last night a few blocks away from martinez juni
... lorena/ots --- en oakland 33 personas quedaron sin viviendas luego que un incendio de 4 alarmas se registrara cerca de las 11 noche en las esquinas del bulevar internacional y la calle 23... take vo ---el fuego inici en la parte trasera de un edificio residencial de dos pisos y se extendi rapidamente a otra estructura cercana provocando tambien la caida del tendido elctrico... ---hablamos con una de las personas damnificadas... take sot lorena no se reportaron heridos... juanfra ---un incendio en el estacionamiento de la parada del bart en lafayette dañ a varios vehculos la tarde del mircoles... take vo ---el siniestro se report cerca de las 2 de la tarde en la 3601 de la calle ''deer hill''... ---cuando los bomberos llegaron encontraron un vehculo envuelto en llamas, y el fuego se expandi a otros cuatro autos destruyendolos por completo... --- se cree que el siniestro fue accidental y afortunadamente no hubo vctimas que reportar... lorena ---cuadrillas de rescate estn en el proceso de recuperar el cuerpo del hombre de santa cruz que muri en un accidente de excursin... take vo ---
this is a great alternative financing mechanism for property owners. oakland has since appointed my counter part over there, victoria [inaudible] in january and i know victoria's working with mayor quan to institute a similar ordinance in oakland by the end of the year. just wanted to provide an update on that. to the agenda items this ordinance was before the commission before several months ago. at that time we had recommendation from the working group to evaluate all these buildings, evaluation only within three years. none of that has changed. there have been significant changes to the ordinance in working with the san francisco arch tiered system of evaluation so bigger schools had to do a higher level of evaluation. in working with the schools we realize that that might treat some schools unfairly and may drive them to retro fit to a higher standard, which we're okay with, but didn't want to create an inequality between the bigger and smaller schools so this is a life safety evaluation for all buildings so that's con sis at the present time for all schools. there's a voluntary retro fit
this is a great alternative financing mechanism for property owners. oakland has since appointed my counter
between us and oakland or san jose but how we're going to utilize audio innovation center to produce the best educated and compassionate kids that learn about life as well as arts and science and technology i know if he were to ask you you'd say thank you but i'm really representing many more of my colleagues, we know that's how you feel i'm going to ask you take it in. just take it in (laughter) >> this is about all of you. >> our first award is missing ms. marissa miller (clapping.) she's here from the quality elementary school. >> it's implementing a zircony model we embrace the partnership the best had a right part of working with my students the second i get there i'm the one who hears and sees their smile they give back more to me than i give to them. >> mri recess congratulations (clapping.) our next award recipient is judy from marshall elementary school spanish. >> i enjoy this kind of work there's surprisingly things i see the first and second grade there's something about those kids their learning to be students that it is really interesting and learn how to formulat
. >>> investigators want to know if fire works sparked a fire in oakland overnight. 34 people out of their homes. it broke out on international boulevard near 23rd avenue just before 11:00 last night. nobody was hurt. witnesses say they heard fire works moments before the fire began. check on traffic this morning. trouble, leyla. >> lots of trouble, eric. it looks like usual business here. very busy from emeryville. we have this sigalert. however, this is in los altos. heavier backup due to an oil slick there. we take you into crockett, head-on collision at the refinery at lincoln and cummings. eric? >> leyla, thank you very much. when we >>> i'm abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma. 67 for half moon bay, 68 for san francisco. 70s in the east bay and inland locations, nice and warm today. 88 the high, antioch. 84 for concord and 86 for fairfield. accuweather seven-day forecast will show you we're warm inland at 88. and then seasonal by the weekend. ♪ ♪ >>> steamy salsa from meryl and maks. they were the champs. big new twist this season, though. the stars will be judged by not three, but four judge
go beyond brushing alone. listerine®. power to your mouth ™. ♪ ♪ out of their homes in oakland overnight. the fire on >>> good thursday morning, everyone. 7:26. a four-alarm fire left some 35 people out of their homes in oakland overnight. fire at international boulevard at 23rd avenue started around 10:30 last night. it burned one building that had a number of businesses on the ground floor and residences upstairs. nobody was hurt. the cause is yet to be determined. >>> today, the giants and the cubs are going to finish a game that began on tuesday. a big rainstorm came in in chicago that caused a 4 1/2 hour delay and the field was declared unplayable. the giants were declared losers 2-0. the team appealed to major league baseball officials. they decided the game should be resumed because the tarp was mishandled. so they are going to finish that game today. >>> traffic and weather coming up. it makes me happy to go on the computer. i like feeling smart internet essentials from comcast has brought low-cost internet access to over 1.4 million lo
>>> a large fire rips through two apartment buildings in oakland last night. the suspicious evidence found near the point of origin. fire. >> breaking news from the south bay. late word of gunfire on the streets of san jose. >>> a stinking situation at bay area bart stations. how they are trying to clean up its act. >>> plus, more protests in missouri and here in the bay area over the death of michael brown. why some are questioning some of the protesters' motives. mornings on 2 begins right now. >>> being described as a very chaotic scene, a fast-moving fire raced through two buildings in oakland overnight forcing dozens of people it to flee for their lives. this is what it looks like right now. coming up in minutes why firefighters suspect fireworks may have played a role in the destructive fire. good morning. welcome to mornings on two. i am tori campbell. >> i am dave clark. steve, what do you see out there? >> a lot of grey. low clouds. there is cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions. not that cold though. the low which came over crescent city where it's sunny up there. ove
in oakland after that. >> so it's not a major amendment because it's completely new owners? >> no. it's [inaudible] owner and the owner of the space and the developer of the property, michael johnson. he's a part of the operation so that's why we consider it a major amendment. >> got you. can you tell me how you're going to modify your security plan? i mean what are you going to do different this time than the time before? >> in addition to limiting what we call the biggest issue in regards to security being the parties in the front we have advocate door staff. we're actively pursuing a dedicated club manager whose only role is to survey the event space when we have larger shows. in addition when we have the larger shows we employ services outside security guards to assist us with our internal door staff. >> so you're going to have door staff are your employees and in addition you will hire security? >> on select showses we expect sell outs or a large number of people we will use our discretion to implement other security and we have door staff and looking to hire one more cl
, investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a massive fire in oakland overnight. flames tore through a two-story complex near 23rd street and international boulevard. the red cross is now helping dozens of people who were forced the from their homes the because of that fire. nobody was hurt. >>> and san jose police officers are about to get a much-needed the boost. today, 25 recruits will graduate from a five-week academy and become sworn community service officers. the coss, as they're known, will help police officers with lower priority calls. they will not make arrests or even carry guns. instead, they'll take reports and carry pepper spray. you're probably curious what's going on with your weather and traffic. we'll have a look at that right after the break. >>> welcome back now. the time is 9:28. another beautiful day in the bay area. remember, your seven-day forecast is always scrolling right here at the bottom of your screen. if you want to take a sneak peek at that beautiful weekend coming our way. san francisco right now, plenty of clouds. you can see we're starting to clear
after an overnight fire in oakland. >>: protesters stapes was after several nights of clashes with police. >>: george: in the south bay we've been tracking to problems in both of them started in the 5:00 hour. first a malted car accident here. this is just north of crumble world take a look at the backed up on highway 101. some oall of the ls have been open some time for the 101 ride. they're still trying to get the last of the vehicles towed away that's why it's so badly backed up because people continue to slow down as they drive past the scene of the accident. no legs are obstructed their pure yet there is a real mess. will look to the extent of the backed up. it's not in reach beyond the 281 01 interchange. it's a rough commute. it is a another hot spot the ride through cupertino heading towards the oil spill. >>: george: the special traffic advisory is backing up traffic all the way to here. as we move and the 7:00 hour we don't see those too brightly its opening up. this is the center is just updated showing the impact of this already on 280 north ball. that the up close
are looking into the cause of a massive fire in oakland that burped two buildings can forced dozens to make escapes. katie marzullo is in the newsroom with the latest. >> back to the video so you can see how large and intense the tire was. bright orange flames, tons of smoke, a had are truck and firefighters working on the roof. the fire broke out before 11 o'clock on international boulevard and a woman who lives in an apartment says it sounded like an explosion or car crash and it appears to have started outside one of two, two story buildings that burned. here is the chief on the >> first units arrived and almost immediately they required additional resources and it is a nice building, a mixed use occupancy, commercial on the bottom, residential on the top so it turned into a four alarm fire. >> this is the aftermath. firefighters brought the fire under control after 1:00 o'clock this morning and more than 30 people are displaced but no one was hurt and the red cross is on the scene helping anyone and thank you from our tweet, the red cross have opened a shoal -- a shelter at the communit
international boulevard in oakland and kpix 5 reporter anne makovec with the latest. good morning. [ pause ] [ signal breakup ] >> reporter: i'm having some microphone problems this morning. [ signal breakup ] >> reporter: 37 people unfortunately out of their homes. [ signal breakup ] the red cross is trying to help those people find shelter. it's -- [ signal breakup ] -- building behind me on international boulevard in oakland. started in the back of the building. [ signal breakup ] residents heard a loud bang it moved up the wall shot out the roof and then moved to that white building next door. [ signal breakup ] 10 apartment units in these two buildings including about 37 people. three businesses as well, a bait shop, hair salon and bookstore. everybody got out okay. but this morning, five dogs are still missing. >> the apartment goes all the way to the back and there was some sort of explosion. i heard it. it sounded like a car crash in front. he actually jumped. >> reporter: investigators will be here. this is the damage to the back of the building. there's where firefighter
more than 30 people in oakland are homeless this morning after a huge fire ripped through the unit's offer of international boulevard. you can see the damage, and never have the detail live report. >>: a common sight in ferguson misery as the protesters they peaceful following the several nights of clashes with the police. >>: we now know what to williams final resting place here in the bay area coming up ahead. >>: tsongas george: it is on 101 northbound at the modern view expressway. because it's just the money view and the san reminds expressway. the number of vehicles is not yet confirmed but it is reported by the chp that there may have been seven to eight vehicles involved in this crash. there's already a solid backup from here to one no one. but it's also now backing up to the 280 interchange. it's pass julianne and mickey. this is now going of extra pressure on had 85. >>::: george: there's another accident for the mid peninsula and san bruno millbrae on one no one softball. it's back here where the lane's are blocked at the emergency vehicles. it's a visual hazard there. i
de la bahia: san jose: 84 oakland: 72 san francisco: 68 santa rosa: 81 santa cruz: 70 half moon bay: 68 livermoore: 88 mountain view: 80 santa clara: 84 ================= lorena --- esta maÑana en oakland... ms de treinta personas se quedaron sin casa... juanfra --- anoche... dos edificios residenciales ubicados en "international boulevard"... fueron el blanco de un voraz incendio de cuatro alarmas... take 2boxes lucero bentez de telemundo 48 primera edicin... est en el lugar con los detalles ms recientes... lucero, a pesar de la voracidad de las llamas no se registra hasta ahora ningn herido, no es as? lucero live put placeholder here pregunta anchors for lucero juanfra ---un incendio en el estacionamiento de la estacion del bart en lafayette dañ a varios vehculos la tarde del mircoles... take vo ---el siniestro se report cerca de las 2 de la tarde en la 3601 de la calle ''deer hill''... ---cuando los bomberos llegaron encontraron un vehculo envuelto en llamas, el fuego que se expandi a otros cuatro autos destruyendolos completamente... --- se cree que el siniestro fue accidental
morning news continues. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> it is 6:00, we are live in oakland after after huge fire, this is on international boulevard and they are at the scene with more and what investigators are focusing on. >> once again, channel 2 morning news in for pam cook. >> let's talk weather, steve is right here. >>> 64 cloudy we will go sunny and 76 and it's one degree cooler than yesterday. >>> low clouds will give way to sunshine and warmer temperatures and the low is in southern california in san diego and they are expected to take the turn and that will relax so they are not as breezy all close within a couple of degrees and still a west live component not for all but for most. the low cloud deck will burn off to near to slightly above. they will make up some of that ground and they have 70s around the bay, here is sal. >>> we have problems in the south bay with a couple of crashes, first one at mag dale lane in -- magdelaine in avenue. this time north near the santa monica expressway and traffic is slow in the area and this one is involving as many as 7 vehic
investigators are looking into the cause of a massive place in oakland that burned two buildings and forced dozens to make their escape. katie marzullo? >>> a woman who lives in an apartment said it sounded like an explosion or car crash. she is one of 34 forced from their home this morning by fire. no one was hurt. look at the mass i flames. and smoke. it brock out before 11 o'clock last night. it started outside behind one of two, two story buildings mixed use buildings, businesses on the bottom and. pas on the second floor. the first crews called for additional resources immediately. it was a four-alarm fire and then three alarms after a downgrade. the fire was under control after 1:00 o'clock a.m. but now there is one fire crew still on the scene and one lane is closed between miller and 24th. >>> president obama refuses to stop united states military strikes in iraq after the beheading of american journalist james foley. pope francis may call the family today. we are in washington, dc, with the latest on that story. >>> good morning, $100 million is how much ransom isis wanted from the
degrees in fairfield. 87 in livermore. 81 degrees and sunny in san jose this afternoon. 72 in oakland. still a breeze into san francisco. but a pleasant 68 degrees. all right. let's check the roads with gianna. >> all right. caltrans should be wrapping up a couple of projects this morning. westbound eastshore freeway buchanan to powell. we had three lanes blocked until 5:00 looks like on our sensors nice speeds this morning. so taking 80 to the bay bridge so far, so good metering lights are offer. clear ride to the toll plaza no delays into san francisco. 880 also roadwork northbound washington to davis southbound jackson to embarcadero, looks like those should be in the clearing stages, as well. >> thank you. >>> 5:00 now. new this morning, dozens of people lost their homes to an east bay fire overnight. kpix 5's anne makovec has the very latest from the scene on international boulevard this morning in oakland. anne. >> reporter: i'm here at international at 23rd avenue in oakland. 37 people are out of their homes this morning after this huge fire. it started in this blue building h
bahia: san jose: 84 oakland: 72 san francisco: 68 santa rosa: 81 santa cruz: 70 half moon bay: 68 livermoore: 88 mountain view: 80 santa clara: 84 ================= lorena ---ms de treinta personas se --- esta maÑana la polica de martnez est tras la pista de un hombre que presuntamente asalt un auto en medio de la calle... lorena las autoridades informaron que el asaltante entr al auto y amenaz a los ocupantes con una pistola.... take 2boxes pasamos con katerine orozco de telemundo 48 primera edicin... en vivo desde esa ciudad... juanfra caterine... se dice que el ladrn dispar su arma... adelante! katherine live put placeholder here pregunta anchors for katherine las balas alcanzaron el put placeholder here top vo - juanfra y este tema nos lleva a la pregunta de esta maÑana.. qu opina de esta posible modalidad de secuestro exprs que se present en nuestra regin? juanfra participe en este foro y su respuesta poddria ser compartida durante la emisin de este noticiero... lorena lo nico que tiene que hacer es ir a nuestra pgina de facebook "telemundo 48"... all escribe su comentario.
there coming in from oakland from missouri. and the protest continue here and the mother at home is drawing parallels between her son's death and the shooting. is it started to what they call a pattern of police brutality. they went to ferguson to speak with the family of michael brown. >> my heart just sank again, another senseless killing and another cover up scheme trying to demonize the young man. >> reporter: demonstrators marched towards headquarters and we are stopped short by a line of officeers wearing riot gear. there were no disturbances and they have also called for a national day of rage today. protests are claimed in 28 cities. thank you brian. >> and the federal government will conduct their own investigation and will listen to all sides. eric holder he is said they are already hearing the case against daron wilson. legal experts say it could take up to two months whether or not to inside them. we are learning and he has been treated at an isolation unit and they are expected to release more dame tail and it will be held at a news confines friendel -- at 80. they are also be
investigation. >>> 4:34. a group of 300 marchers samed a peaceful protest against police brutality in oakland including a tense stand off. >> sky 7 showed the crowd moving down broadway to 880 but met at 7th by police in riot gear upsetting many demonstrators. they turn around and went back to city hall. the mother of bart police shooting victim oscar grant said the situation in ferguson has left her shattered. >> my heart sank again. another senseless killing. another coverup again trying to demonize the young man. >> minutes later the crowd was on the move. police controlled traffic to key them safe. no one was hurt. no arrests were made. >> new details on the final resting place of robin williams. the ashes were scattered in san francisco bay. tmz is reporting that the official death certificate shows he was cremated august 12 a day after he died. the ashes were to be scattered off the marin county coast. he committed use side at 63 inside his home open monday of last week. the coroner is waiting for toxicology tests to determine if drugs or chemicals were in his system. no word on a publi
this morning, a four-alarm fire left 35 people out of their homes in oakland overnight. the fire on international boulevard at 23rd avenue started about 10:30 last night. it burned one building that had businesses on the ground floor and residential units upstairs and spread to a similar building next door. no one hurt, cause under investigation. >>> east bay commuters trying to get home last night had a shock. kpix 5's andria borba on the problem at the lafayette bart station. >>> reporter: imagine getting off bart to see this, a perfectly good day gone up in flames. >> i saw on the news that there's a fire in the lafayette bart parking lot. and so i heard it was in the central parking lot. i thought it was way over there. i thought i was okay because i parked way out here. >> reporter: not so much. the running board melted on todd's nissan. the car was driveable. the fire started in the engine of this lexus around 2 p.m. in the parking lot of lafayette bart and spread to four other cars leaving one with scorched paint, another with a melted front end, and a third with a v- shap
an 8 minute drive time, speaking of it here, it looks good if you are driving passed the oakland coliseum, we don't have anything going on, on 880 or 580 and here on the san mateo bridge, it is a nice drive here at 430 let's go back to the desk. >>> firefighters are searching for the cause in oakland. it happened on international boulevard. alex savage joins us live with what we have learned so far, alex? >> reporter: i am told there is quite a bit of evidence that is raising some red flags this morning. these are the two fires, a fast moving fire that forced more than 30 people from their home but the good news is that everybody made out safely and nobody was hurt including firefighters. this fire started at 11:00 and a quite a few firefighters had to be called in from across this city. it began on the outside one of these are buildings on apartments on the car up above. witnesses said they heard several explosions right before this fire took off. >> they said it was a crash out front because that is my room. the apartment goes all the way to the back and there was some sort of
in the summer, upper 50 to mid-60's. 54 in oakland. 60 in san francisco. 64 in hayward. 62 in fremont. clouds early this morning. sunshine in the afternoon. mild temperatures. dry later in the evening. temperatures are 56 and up to 64. leyla gulen has traffic. >>> good morning, drew. as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza the traffic is light. we are not starting off with problems whatever. clear drive from emory april. we have plenty of construction cross the bay area. nothing but screen is what we have with tracy to dublin and over the altamont pass at 23 americans westbound 580 and antioch to concordord is 14 minutes. >>> dozens are burned out of their home in oakland after a raging fire that scotched scorched two buildings. >> you can see how large the fire was operate orange flames and tons of smoke and a ladder truck and firefighters working on the roof. the fire broke out before 11 o'clock. a woman lives in one apartment says it sounded like an explosion or car crash. the four started outside behind one of two, two story buildings that burned. here is how it unfolded. >> units arrived
, a four-alarm fire left 35 people out of their homes in oakland overnight. the fire on international boulevard at 23rd avenue started about 10:30 last night. it burned one building that had businesses on the ground floor and residential units upstairs and spread to a similar building next door. no one hurt, cause under investigation. >>> east bay commuters trying to get home last night had a shock. kpix 5's andria borba on the
is running smoothly. >> mark:firefighters have contained an overnight 4-alarm fire in oakland. >> mark:it started last night just after 10:45 near 23rd street and international boulevard. >> mark:the fire started outside near a two-story residential building. >> mark:it then spread to another building and took down power lines. >> mark:it was contained just after 1 >> mark:about 35 people have been displaced. >> mark:no injuries have been reported. >> mark:hamas says three of its senior military leaders have been killed in an israeli airstrike in the gaza strip. and bellpalestinian police and health officials say that six people were killed in the strike and that dozens of others remain trapped in the rubble of a four-story building targeted by israel. >> mark:demonstrators returned to the streets in ferguson, missouri to protest the shooting death of michael brown. but it was a quieter night. >> mark:there was a brief standoff between some demonstrators and officers. but the missouri highway patrol said overall it was a very good night. >> mark:protestors marched around the st. louis
in cash at the end of june. even though pandora is based in oakland, one of america's most diverse cities, the streaming american company says it's staff is almost two thirds white. asian men and white men are highly represented. startup thumbtack is getting a big boost from a big name. google capital is leading at 100 million dollar investment charge. the san francisco company says it has now raised $150 million. that is this morning's coming is from the files of "bloomberg ."st are l stands for extraordinary lives. think of alibaba opening up and doing business in a different way. we are talking about roger hamilton, the founder. he is joining us. great having you here. i'm curious to know, what to sing which is doing business and successful startups in these communities in asia as opposed to silicon valley and wall street? >> one of the biggest things is timing. a lot of people say out in asia offeels like the beginning silicon valley. things are growing so quickly out there that as a result of being in that market, you have the ability to have a different attitude about entrepreneurs
, oakland, california. >> they say the average family spends about $500 a year. so could pay for itself. there you go. >> very familiar with this. >> you know what. don't buy that. then i won't have a job. >> i hear you are an expert stain remover. bringing all my shirts to you. give it the special chemical. is that true? >> i have no idea. who is spreading those rumors? >> somebody. coming up. we all know we should exercise more, but getting to the gym isn't always convenient. >> now there are no more excuses because the gym is coming to you. that story straight ahead. you're watching "world news now." story aight ahead. you are watching "world news now". testxdÑiÑi öÑ teste1 test plus oxi boost and febreze for 3 big things in one gain fling. it's our best gain ever! just you...with the when gray creeps in do you lose it all? not you. new touch of gray mustache and beard reduces gray without getting rid of it all in just 5 minutes. for the perfect gray look you want. new touch of gray mustache and beard. people are using lysol in hundreds of ways. what's jennifer's story? i have tw
, no arrests. >>> oakland police called chp and alameda county sheriff's deputies for backup as hundreds of people marched downtown. a protest for the police shooting in ferguson, missouri and what they are saying is police brutality in general. we have seen many protests over the years but never this. mirrors. joe vasquez on what that is all about. >> hands up, don't shoot. >> reporter: as hundreds of demonstrators faced off with oakland police in rye cot gear, some protesters revealed a new tactic holding up mirrors in the faces of officers. >> i was holding up a mirror so the police could just look at themselves, especially if they were going to take some sort of action. so they had to acknowledge what they were doing. >> what do we want? >> justice! >> we want that person to take a look at themselves. they don't have to follow a system they don't agree with. >> reporter: demonstrators say they are marching in solidarity with the people of ferguson. they want to make a statement that officer involved shootings are not just happening in missouri, but they are happening here, too. >> wh
oakland to protest police brutality blocking traffic and shouting hands up, don't shoot. they joined the thousands who marched in ferguson, missouri since the shooting death of an unarmed teenager. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm a a ma dates. cornell bernard is live outside oakland city hall. tonight's rally was mostly peaceful. >> yes, and demmon straiters have left after tonight's march. about 300 marches moved down broadway to protest police brutality and the recent shooting of an unarmed black man in ferguson, missouri. >> people have to be accountable . you can't just kill people in the street like dogs. >> sky 7hd showed the crowd moving down the freeway. they were met by a blockade of police in riot gear. the march was stopped leaving many demonstrators angry. >> this is the kind of stuff that makes protests go the wrong way. the people don't get violent. the police get violent. >> it is 6:30 and the crowd has turned around heading back to oakland city hall. as you can see the oakland police are not far behind. >> the mother of oscar grant shot by a bart police office
of the morning. a louder evening in new york, at the east village, and oakland. as we leave you we'll show you some images during the last 12 days. you. >> we'll cover a special coverage... >> he put his hands in the air, started to get down, and the officer fired shots. my friend died. . >> we have a race problem here that needs to be addressed. . >> in the city of ferguson, they are firing. [ chants ] % >> there is never an excuse for violence against the police. >> i'm not afraid to protest. i'm ready to lay my life on the line for this one. i'm not afraid to go out and focus. >> the officer involved in the shooting of michael brown was darren wilson. . >> this is a test. the eyes of the world are watching. >> we had a subject in the middle of the road with a handgun. we had a police car shot at, yes, i think that was the proper response. . >> if verifies that the witness accounts were true. >> giving in to the anger by looting or carrying guns, and attacking the police deserves to raise tensions and stir chaos. >> don't go there, there'll be no peace. no justice, no peace. >> saturday on "
from ferguson, i want to show a you demonstration that has popped up in oakland, california, across the bridge from san francisco. as we look at the pictures from okay land, another protest is under way in the east village of new york. we are keeping an eye on activities on west florissant avenue. we'll take a break and come back with our special coverage on "flashpoint ferguson." >> al jazeera america presents >> i'm pretty burnt out, if i said that i'm perfectly fine, i would be lying. >> 15 stories one incredible journey edge of eighteen premiers september 7th only on al jazeera america when you run a business, you can't settle for slow. that's why i always choose the fastest intern. the fastest printer. the fastest lunch. turkey club. the fastest pencil sharpener. the fastest elevator. the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. with the top speedou compare of comcast the top speed of business dsl from the inte
, a demonstration that has sprung up in the east village of new york city. and a demonstration in oakland, california, in the san francisco bay area, a smallish group that i believe is starting to grow. we have an aerial view now that you're seeing of the drairt demonstrators who are gathering, a growing number there, i'm imagining as the evening wears there. >> it is early part of the evening. this is just across the bridge in the san francisco area. but you know what's interesting about this is it points to the coast to coast nature of interest in this. we are standing about the heart of the country along the mississippi river in st. louis. this is not the only situation where there has been question about law enforcement, the use of force and individuals who have been in difficult situations with law enforcement as a result. one of the correspondents we have following up on this situation in ferguson, missouri is correspondent robert ray who is down now on west florison avenue where robert the protesters are out, even though the lie lightning has been gathering, the demonstrators are s
-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. oakland to protest police brutality blocking traffic and shouting hands up, don't shoot. they joined the thousands who marched in ferguson, missouri since the shooting death of an unarmed teenager. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm a a ma dates. cornell bernard is live outside oakland city hall. tonight's rally was mostly peaceful. >> yes, and demmon straiters have left after tonight's march. about 300 marches moved down broadway to protest police brutality and the recent shooting of an unarmed black man in ferguson, missouri. >> people have to be accountable . you can't just kill people in the street like dogs. >> sky 7hd showed the crowd moving down the freeway. they were met by a blockade of police in riot gear. the march was stopped leaving many demonstrators angry. >> this is the kind of stuff that makes protests go the wrong way. the people don't get violent. the police get violent. >> it is 6:30 and the crowd has turned around heading back to oakland city hall. as you can see the oakland police are not far behind. >> the mother of oscar grant shot b
marched in oakland tonight, part of a nationwide movement in support of a teenager shot by a police officer in ferguson, missouri. derek shore is live in oakland. it did turn out to be a loud but peaceful protest there. >> reporter: that's right. the protesters were very loud, but at last check no arrests were made. 100 people marched through the streets of oakland demanding justice for of course that teen in ferguson and all of those that they call oppressed. i'm going to step out of the way, and you can see one of the signs left behind that says black lives matter. they took to the streets to express their outrage. >> people are being killed in ways that are humane. >> reporter: 11 days after the shooting of unarmed teenager michael brown in missouri, protesters filled the plaza as they marched to headquarters and back. officers keeping a watchful eye on the crowd. >> what they try to do is criminalize black and brown youth to show that we are the ones creating the issue. >> reporter: this protester of oakland says the shooting has upset many because it seg any guys oppression is
>>pam moore at 11. hundreds protest in oakland. rallying against police brutality. following the deadly police shooting in ferguson, missouri. streets blocked and off-rams closed. some protesters returned to the streets of ferguson, missouri this evening. but in fewer numbers. today -- u.s attorney general eric holder touched down in ferguson c-n-n's stacey cohen is live in ferguson, missori with the latest. >>stacey the night was very calm that the day has been very busy as the attorney general touchdown in ferguson to get to the heart of what is in the minds of this community. he attended meetings at a community college and visited with diners at a restaurant. he also had a private meeting with michael brown's family. a grand jury began hearing evidence today but it will be a long process. the prosecutor says he will not rush the time line. clergy members and led a march on his office wednesday demanding justice for michael brown and long term positive change for st. louis. it was a more peaceful night on tuesday but not completely quiet. a police officer has been relieved
diagonal telemundo48... cesar --varias rampas de ingreso al centro de la ciudad de oakland se mantuvieron bloqueadas esta noche debido a protestas... take vo --esto por la muerte del joven afroamericano, michael brown, quien fue abatido por un oficial en misouri. ---los manifestantes se congregaron frente al departamento de policia de oakland. --la patrulla de caminos alert a los conductores a buscar rutas alternas a las autopistas 880 y 980. cesar ---esta maÑana a eso de las cuatro y media se vivio un gran caos vial sobre la autopista 880 direccion sur en la ciudad de hayward take vo una persona cayo desde un puente que cruza la carretera a la altura de la calle "industrial parkway"... --- el sujeto fue atropellado mortalmente por un autobus que circulaba por uno de los carriles.. --- al parecer el hombre sostuvo una discusin, por lo que de confirmarse este hecho, podra tratarse de un crimen. roll weather open cesar -- revisemos las condiciones del tiempo... con gabriela dellan gabriela --muy buenas noches cesar, como siempre un verdadero honor poder entrar a sus hogares y tambien lo qu
>>> another night of protests here in oakland, and in ferguson, missouri, as people take to the streets to vent their anger about the police shooting of michael brown. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. many of them sat blocking an intersection downtown. ken, did it end peacefully? >> reporter: it did. what you see behind me is what's left of the demonstrators out here. this demonstration and march essentially wrapped up around 8:00. it actually started in four different locations with the idea of spreading through downtown, and converging into one large rally against what they call police brutality. >> hands up! >> don't shoot! >> reporter: it's a march with a familiar rally, hands up don't shoot, allegedly the words said by michael brown 11 days ago. more than 100 protesters marched down broadway. their destination, police headquarters at 7th street. they were stopped short by a line of officers. words were exchanged. some in the crowd angry at police clad and riot gear blocking their way. >> we have a contingency of other people that
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